Privacy Policy

The website of the Ritsumeikan Trust (hereinafter called "this Website") is operated by the Ritsumeikan Trust (hereinafter called "Ritsumeikan"), which has established the privacy policy for the protection of personal information based on the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Basic Policy, as follows:

1. Collection of personal information

The Trust may collect personal information from users within the scope required for providing a variety of services. Such personal information will be collected within the scope required for attaining the relevant purpose by lawful and fair means. In case of collecting personal information from users directly or indirectly in services provided by this Website, the necessary matters regarding the collection, use, or provision of such personal information will be notified in some manner.

2. Use of personal information

The Trust will use personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy within the scope required for attaining the purpose of services provided by this Website including, but not limited to, sending of materials, distribution of e-mail newsletters, notice from the University, and statistical aggregating. The Trust may provide personal information for contractors entrusted with the relevant business (hereinafter called "Contractors") to attain the purpose of services provided by this Website. In such case, personal information will be used exclusively for the purpose explicitly stated on this Website, and not for any purpose beyond the entrusted business by the Contractors.

3. Control and storage of collected personal information

The Trust will control the collected personal information properly by appointing administrators, and seek to protect personal information by taking appropriate safety measures against the risks including external leak, loss, destruction, falsification, and unauthorized access from outside. The Contractors will use personal information within the scope required for performing the business. In such case, the Trust will take measures including making a confidentiality agreement to protect such information from being leaked and distributed again.

4. Provision of personal information for a third party and security measures

Ritsumeikan will not disclose any personal information provided by users to a third party without the subject user's consent; provided, however, that it may disclose personal information to cooperation groups, partner companies, or subcontractors having made a confidentiality agreement with the Trust. Even in such case, as for services provided by this Website, Ritsumeikan will control such third party in accordance with the relevant regulations concerning personal information, and cause such third party to comply with the contract terms made with this Website to protect personal information. In case of being requested by the subject user of this Website to disclose his or her personal information, Ritsumeikan may give information to a possible extent within a reasonable period. In addition to the above, Ritsumeikan may disclose personal information in case personal information is requested to be disclosed based on the law that this Website should observe (in case of being requested by a legal institution such as a court, a public prosecutor’s office, and the police to disclose information provided by a user).

5. Improvement in personal information

Ritsumeikan will seek to improve the manner of handling personal information from time to time.

6. Other matters to be noted regarding handling of personal information

Please note that the personal information disclosed on the Internet in a manner accessible to anybody may be collected or used by other Internet users. Please take due care in handling your own personal information. The third parties' websites and services linked from the contents on this Website set forth their own terms regarding personal information protection and data collection independently of this Website. This Website will not assume any liability or obligation regarding these independent terms or activities in any manner. In providing personal information, please confirm in advance the terms and conditions, etc. provided for by each website.