Purpose of Use of Retained Personal Data by the Ritsumeikan Trust

To perform the business related to education and research, student support, and management and operation of the Ritsumeikan Trust ("Trust"), the Trust will collect personal information for the following purposes of use.
When any personal information is obtained from the subject person in writing or by any other means directly, the purpose of use will be clearly indicated individually and specifically.

List of purpose of use

  • Provision for students of learning support including enrollment record control, registration control, performance control, and tuition fee information control
  • Provision for students of living support including life consultation, after-school activity support, scholarship control, and health control
  • Provision for students of career guidance, job search activity support, and career and job search information control
  • Consultation with guardians about registration, performance, and career including sending report cards to guardians
  • Execution of entrance exam business and admission procedure business
  • Sending notices and brochures of universities and other schools
  • Use control and security control of school facilities and equipment
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Provision of necessary information for groups permitted by the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Committee such as a group operating scholarship business, a group consisting of graduates, etc., and a group consisting of parents of students, etc.
  • University assessment (self-check assessment, third-party assessment, accreditation, etc.), and statistical researches
  • Education, research, and FD activities
  • Otherwise dealing with matters required for the business related to the management and operation of the Trust