Greetings from the Chairman

Greetings from the Chairman

The Ritsumeikan Trust of today is an integrated educational institution with a rich culture of individuality and international awareness. It has campuses in Hokkaido, Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, and Oita, and encompasses two universities, four junior and senior high schools, and one primary school, providing education to some 50,000 students and pupils.

As set out in the Ritsumeikan Charter, the mission of Ritsumeikan is to seek solutions to the various problems facing humankind and to foster the human resources required by Japan and the world as a whole. Our raison d’être lies in how we manage to respond to those challenges.

The societies we live in today require talented individuals who combine individuality with creativity. As a private educational institution capable of bringing out the creativity within its diverse student body, Ritsumeikan is ideally suited to producing such individuals. In order to do so, we must take pride in the private education we offer, and remain committed to it. We must also persist in taking on new challenges in education and research, even as we draw on the lessons of the past.

The global community today faces an era of major change. The world is still beset by a plethora of problems to resolve, including conflict, poverty, hunger, inequality, and environmental destruction.

I believe that in an era such as this we need to create an educational institution that is global and highly diverse. Ritsumeikan brings together a diverse range of talents. Diversity is a source of creativity. Accordingly, all our faculty and staff are working together to create universities and schools that will allow many young people’s potential to blossom, enabling them to play active roles on the world stage.

Tomomi Morishima
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
The Ritsumeikan Trust